His-story of the Project, Faithful

It's hard to believe that this project has been in the works for nearly 17 years.  I began recording original songs with my dad in his home studio in 2003.  Due to well, life, we never finished the project.  In 2008, I started recording in Jim Huffman's home studio.  Two years into it and nearing the finish line, the recorder re-set to factory settings and we lost all that we had recorded.   We started again in 2010.  Things were progressing nicely and yet again, life brought challenges, both good and bad.  My friend, Jim became ill and Cliff and I adopted a beautiful little girl.  We never finished the project and In 2018, our Jim went home to be with the Lord.  How we miss him.   I thought that I'd never start again.  I gave the project to the Lord and let it go.   It wouldn't let me go, though.  The desire to run the race with endurance and finish an album grew stronger and stronger in my soul.   Through a friend, I learned of New Horizon Music Studios.   It turned out that the owner, Gary Wehrkamp and I had been in contact in 2008.  God was unfolding His plan even then.    In March of 2019, we started again.  It was something I never thought would happen.    As excited as I was in my spirit, my flesh was dragging its feet a little.   This was try number 4!--- But, with a bit more experience under our belts, this time around was going rather smoothly.   God brought amazing musicians to come alongside to help make the songs sound great!    Each new beginning brought new songs and a fresh resolve to not give up.   As we near the finish line, I am so excited to see what God does on the other side of that horizon.  I know it's good.   I pray that the songs on my new album, Faithful, bring many hearts to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  He is why we sing.  He is the way to abundant life.   Faithful-- not once, but every time.


Don't let fear steal one more day.” - Jennifer Eckhart